Monday, 17 October 2011


With the recording wrapped, we set to making CD packaging ourselves. Our aim to minimise the environmental impact of our music-making led to a unique and beautiful end result (IMO).

We used old books, otherwise bound for landfill, to house the discs. We printed on used paper and only made a small run. Once our initial batch of CDs is sold out, that'll be it.

The process wasn't all easy, though. The minimum disc pressing was more than twice the number we wanted. When we told the CD pressing company that we just wanted half their 'minimum' number of copies (the idea of piles of leftover albums forever stored in boxes didn't sit well), the only way they'd agree was if we still payed the full price. So we said ok.

But, even though they knew the reason we were making this choice, right before they were about to hit print we discovered that they were still going to press the full amount and were just planning to scrap the other half! Useless. Needless to say, we worked it out - but clearly sometimes it isn't smooth sailing going against the grain of a system that has waste at its core.